Arm Sleeves & Gloves

Compression Works carries full lines of LympheDIVAS, Juzo, & Sigvaris sleeves.

The most common use of compression sleeves is for the treatment of lymphedema, the buildup of protein-rich lymph fluid, which causes swelling and, if not treated, can lead to hardened skin tissue. You may be at risk for developing lymphedema if you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation treatment, lymph node removal, surgery, infection, or limb trauma.

If a higher compression is required while sleeping or resting, custom sleeves can be ordered to your dimensions. Many options are available off the shelf.

Compression Works carries full lines of Medi, LympheDIVAS/LympheDUDES, Juzo, Farrow, Gottfried, Sigvaris and Reid sleeves.

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