Athletic Compression

Medical professionals have long recommended compression for patients seeking to improve blood circulation and overall leg health. The science behind medical compression is now used to help athletes maximize performance and recovery. For the athlete, improving arterial blood flow is key to peaking performance. With consistent compression to the calf, the arterial walls are allowed to relax and the flow of oxygen rich blood can increase by up to 40%. More oxygen means more power during exercise as well as a faster recovery period.

These garments come in many different colors and fabrics, including Merino Wool!

Proven to Reduce Injury

  • Shin Splints: Reduces vibration, increases oxygen and promotes healing
  • Calf Cramps: Increases oxygen to optimize muscles, and removes lactic acid
  • Pulled Muscles: Increases blood flow to increase warmth in the muscle
  • Traveling: Graduated compression increases circulation reducing the occurrence of blood clots